Friday, 26 June 2015

Bravura Dermaflannel

I first came across this product with the help of the fabulous and all round beauty oracle Caroline Hirons. I was looking for something that might help some bumps on my arms that I've had for a while and through research, seemed like Keratosis pilaris. This dermaflannel was mentioned and I thought I would give it a go. It said that it could be used to reduce the keratosis pilaris but also acne and blackheads. I looked at the Bravura website and there is a youtube video that goes alongside it. It seemed quite a unique product with it's claims below:
The Dermaflannel is a beauty breakthrough for anyone who likes the idea of a chemical peel but would rather a more natural treatment. This easy to use, reusable and chemical free way of achieving deeper exfoliation has a unique weave that sweeps away dead skin cells to reveal soft, glowing skin on the face or the body.

In the video, it mentions being really careful with the amount of pressure that you use as it can give 'chemical peel like' results if you are not gentle. There are different levels of pressure that you use depending on the result that you would like eg, you can use it more gently every day to try to diminish blackheads or use it slightly more vigorously once a week for more of a deeper exfoliation. I opted for the very gentle usage as my skin gets red and sensitive very easily.
The video claims that by 'using it gently everyday, it is like using a low strength glycolic or salicylic acid...because the microfibres are so tiny, they can go deep into your pores to help clean them out'.

I have found that it really has helped the keratosis pilaris and my skin feels much smoother. It has also helped the blackheads on my nose, which I have had since I was a teenager. It's not got rid of them completely but I do notice a real difference when I use it regularly. I've found that my skin was smoother on first use and would really advise to be careful on the pressure.
It explains on the website and the video, how to care for the flannel, by washing by hand with antibacterial soap. I've found this has kept it in really good condition.
I don't like to use beaded scrubs on my skin or over exfoliate, so this product has been really great to use on both face and body and my skin is looking in much better condition all round. It is an effective product and also an affordable one. I will continue to use this and keep you posted on the results!

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